effidyn consultants lean
effidyn consultants lean

Lean management and Design to Cost for your performance

Effidyn is a management consulting firm that helps its customers improve their processes and products.

Our expertise is based on 5 core competencies:

Our approach

Depending on the issues at stake, Effidyn offers
2 types of interventions:

Application to critical projects



A one-shot approach with the aim of rapidly improving the situation (cost, delay, quality) in which our teams guarantee the method and the targeted result.

Method deployment



Aim for sustainable evolution of practices throughout the company, which implies a strong focus on change management and the organization of skills transfer to the customer’s teams.

Effidyn’s ambition relies
on 3 key-values:

  • Pragmatism

    To get to the heart of the matter and secure results

  • High standards

    To achieve perfect alignment between needs and realization

  • Solidarity

    To get quick and sustainable results

Our consultants’ references include
some of the biggest names in the industry