About us

Effidyn is a management consulting firm that helps its customers optimize their processes and products by building solid, lasting relationships.

Our commitments

Teams with a high level of seniority: your projects are systematically managed by Effidyn partners, who guarantee the use of the experience acquired by the firm.

A single objective: to have a lasting, measurable impact on customers’ economic results , through interventions focused on their core business and innovation.

A philosophy: to dedicate our full attention to a limited number of customers, who we develop a relationship of trust and long-term commitment with.

Our values


To get to the heart of the matter
and ensure sustainable results

• An in-depth knowledge of methods to be able to adapt them
• The ability to quickly grasp customer business issues

High standards

To make mutual progress

• A close relationship with our customers to ensure alignment between needs and implementation
• Clearly defined roles within a joint team


To combine speed of production
and durability

• A systematic transfer of our know-how to the customer’s teams
• A mutual trust and a shared understanding of situations

Our leading team

Our teams are made of experienced consultants with operational experience in various fields. Creative, passionate and enterprising, each of our consultants brings their skills to the firm.

  • Allexandre Brocard consultant Lean

    Alexandre Brocard

    Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (EFPG)

    Alexandre began his career as a process engineer and then as a workshop manager in the paper industry, before moving into management consulting 15 years ago. He joined Effidyn in 2011. He specializes in implementing Lean approaches in industrial, construction and service environments.
  • Vianney Lagrange consultant Lean

    Vianney Lagrange

    Centrale Paris, IAE

    Vianney joined the Research and Development department of Thalès Group before working for 30 years in industrial consulting. Vice-Chairman of Gemini Consulting, in charge of process industries, he then founded and managed SAY Partners before joining Effidyn 2013. He is a specialist in Operational Excellence in industry (Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Development).
  • Augustin Lamoliatte consultant Lean

    Augustin Lamoliatte

    ESM Saint-Cyr, MBA ESCP

    Augustin began his career in the French army, where he worked for 12 years. He has worked in consulting for 16 years, first at SAY Partners and then at Colorado. He joined Effidyn in 2021. He is a specialist in lean customer relations.
  • Pierre Emmanuel consultant Lean

    Pierre-Emmanuel Duclos

    Skema Master in Management

    Pierre Emmanuel began his career in digital marketing, before moving into consulting 14 years ago. He divides his time between optimizing product development using Design to Cost methodology and optimizing processes using Lean approaches. He works in various sectors: Energy, Automotive, Aeronautics, Space, Construction, Medical…
  • Marc Peran consultant Lean

    Marc Péran

    Polytechnique, Master of Science Caltech

    Marc began his career in oil drilling (Elf Gabon) and has 25 years’ experience in industry consulting. Partner of Bossard and then Vice-President of Gemini Consulting, he led the Innovation and Product Development Management consulting teams in these organizations before creating Effidyn in 2008. He is a specialist in the aerospace/defense and automotive sectors – he managed a mechanical subcontracting SME in this sector.

Join Effidyn

Joining Effidyn will make you work on the transformation of our customers’ processes, working with passionate, creative and enterprising teams, and developing your career at the firm’s pace of evolution.

Effidyn recruits junior and senior consultants with engineering and business degrees.