Our approach

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Our vision of innovation

Choosing the right concept

Identify and select good concepts

Which partners to involve alongside the specialists to think outside the box?
How to validate quickly and cost-effectively a concept?

Developing efficiency

Manage risks, keep commitments et decide on time

What is the best balance between procedures and empowerment ?
How to use deadlines to transform practices?

Innovation : an important challenge throughout a product’s lifecycle, whose concrete objectives are changing.

Innovation vision

Our approach

EnDepending on the issues at stake, Effidyn offers its customers
2 types of interventions :

Application to critical projects

3 barres verticales de taille croissante, la première est plus foncéePerimeter

3 barres verticales de taille croissante et couleur identiqueUrgency

A one-shot approach with the aim of rapidly improving the situation (cost, delay, quality) in which our teams guarantee the method and the targeted result.

Method deployment

3 barres verticales de taille croissante et couleur identiquePérimeter

3 barres verticales de taille croissante, la première est plus foncéeUrgency

Aim for sustainable evolution of practices throughout the company, which implies a strong focus on change management and the organization of skills transfer to the customer’s teams.

Our commitments

Teams with a high level of seniority: lour projects are systematically manager by Effidyn partners, who guarantee the availability of the experience acquired by the firm.

A single objective: to have a lasting, measurable impact on customers’ economic results , through interventions focused on their core business and innovation.

A philosophy: to dedicate our full attention to a limited number of customers, who we develop a relationship of trust and long-term commitment with.