In a highly competitive and volatile market, the ability to constantly innovate has become crucial.

We offer two types of intervention in this field:

The innovative company

Definition of innovative organization and processes:
Helping the company to boost its capacity for innovation by defining roles and responsibilities of the entity of the entity(ies) in charge of it (for some years now, “Innovation Departments” have been created in most groups), and by describing innovation management processes (work staking) between the emergence of a concept and its launch on the market. For example, we helped set up the Airbus “Innovation Unit”, and we carried out benchmarks on this subject for Michelin.

The creation of an innovative offer

We helped a customer define a new aircraft seat concept, we helped Bouygues Travaux Publics imagine the “Tunnel Boring Machine of the Future” (see attached ppt sheets), and Total Lubricant put together a portfolio of innovative concepts based on major market trends.

On the innovation field, Effidyn focus on:


Innovation is not invention: it’s not just a question of generating ideas for products and services, but also of bringing them to market with an acceptable success rate (a non-zero failure rate is inherent to the innovation process). This concern is present in our approaches, whether we are only involved in the “emergence” phase, or accompany the project through the subsequent phases.

Collective intelligence

We have mastered the classic creativity tools (analogies, Triz, 6-hat method…) but we focus above all on developing creativity through interaction between key players (representatives of different professions, customers, suppliers, partners…).