Lean construction

The stakes are high for the construction sector, whose margins have been steadily eroding for the past decade.

Because of the supposedly non-repetitive environment, companies in this sector have been slow to implement working methods that have been proving their worth in industry for decades.

Since 2009, we have adapted the principles of Lean to the specificities of the construction sector:

Preparing the site

Our tool-based methods enable your teams to address the main productivity challenges

  • Planning of the preparation phase

  • Organization of site logistics (pull flow, Kanban, slag rounds, ….)

  • Cycle improvement, VSM

  • Development of work standards, and setting up of training schools

We have also extended the application to the optimization of work carried out in hazardous environments (Nuclear….) or under constrained schedules.

Improving performance

To drive continuous improvement during the construction phase:

  • Detailed weekly planning: Last Planer System

  • Visual management of performance and problem-solving (5M – 5P, A3, PDCA) on a daily basis by teams, right down to the journeyman

  • Systematic field observation to identify waste (7 MUDAS)

  • TPM (total productive maintenance) for mechanized activities

  • 5 S