Lean Customer Relations

At a time of the massive arrival of AI, many decision-makers see customer relations as the adjustment variable, despite all the fine talk about “customer centricity”.

Our conviction is that with a Lean approach, we can simplify and automate certain processes and refocus men and women on missions that bring lasting customer loyalty, which generate the most value.

Our approach consists on 3 phases:

Phase 1

Diagnosis of customer expectations via employees

After taking into account existing satisfaction surveys, we question employees to bring the company into alignment with customer expectations (mandatory, proportional and attractive). We then apply Lean tools to identify the root causes (VSM, Kaizen, Field Observations, DILO, 5M, etc.)

Phase 2

Development of solutions generating simplicity for the customer

Whatever the solution chosen, it must always be based on simple and understandable processes, with a limited number of cases, and a clear and structured basic channel offering. We therefore offer, with Lean tools, the choice of solutions that will meet the customer’s expectations during simplified customer pathway.

Phase 3

Deployment of a Lean Customer relations project

Two of the main aspects of lean are the “hunt for waste” and the involvement of all levels of company. With the lean approach we carry out our projects by deploying solutions with their future users (use of Obeya) gradually, focusing on the right need. With our knowledge of customer experience, we use observed good practices to implement a new tool, a new customer pathway or a new organization.