Design to cost

In increasingly competitive and dynamic markets, Design to Cost is the natural solution for differentiating an offer while controlling costs.

The combination of your skills and our proven methodology will enable you to question your design choices in depth, in order to propose the offer with the best performance/cost ratio.

Our approach consists in 3 phases:

Phase 1

Defining the value proposition

After putting together a multi-disciplinary team of your experts (Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Production, Purchasing/Supply Chain…), we align everyone’s understanding with:
Market profile: segments and geographical areas addressed;
His expectations: expected performance levels, business models and market access;
His competitive environment: from analysis of competing offers to reverse engineering.

We then analyze your target offer using functional analysis and then value analysis to share our vision of specifications and cost allocation.

Phase 2


Drawing on the lessons learned from the previous stage, together we define the creative themes that will enable us to differentiate your offer in terms of perceived customer value or selling price.

Our methods for facilitating creativity sessions, coupled with:
Your teams’ expertise (employees involved in the Design to Cost project and occasional contributors);
Your suppliers’ involvement;
External experts’ involvement (researchers, employees of companies in other sectors…);
will provide a portfolio of ideas for reducing costs or increasing value.

Phase 3

Building the solution

The portfolio of ideas will have to be balanced in terms of earning potential and ease of implementation.

Once the most attractive ideas have been selected, your team will study them in depth to validate the preliminary estimates.

As not all ideas are compatible, we end the process by building scenarios for reducing costs and increasing the value of your offer. We will use a multi-criteria analysis to identify the scenarios that will be proposed to your company’s management.