Lean Manufacturing

Discovered several decades ago, Lean Manufacturing has been progressively deployed throughout industry. Its principles are well known and no longer need to be proven. Despite this, many plants are still lagging behind in this area, and still harbor major competitive potential.

Our conviction is based on 3 simple principles: set targets that demonstrate management’s ambition, involve all staff to unite the company’s strengths behind these targets, and remain pragmatic in deploying lean principles in an 80/20 logic.

Our approach consists in 3 phases:

Phase 1

Analysis and conception

– Carry out a quantified diagnosis of the situation, and get the teams to do so.
– Get the teams to define targets, showing the methods they can use to reach them.

Phase 2


– Organize joint operational/consultant teams to carry out actions.
Pilot the entire process, highlighting the company’s contributors.

Phase 3


– Valuing the success factors of the approach.
– To perpetuate the system using only the company’s resources, by standardizing the Hoshin Kanri approach.