Lean Office

Lean Office is the alternative to traditional cost-cutting in the search for competitive levers in support, administrative and sales functions.

The approach commits teams to operational excellence in order to improve competitiveness and quality of life at work, while accentuating the added value and meaning given to each individual’s tasks.

Our approach consists on 3 phases:

Phase 1


Diagnosis enables us to get to know the company so we can focus our efforts on its priority issues.
Various methods can be used to achieve this:
– Internal and external interviews and field observations to develop a detailed knowledge of the process;
Data crunching to highlight quantitative trends;
– Workshops on clarifying improvement objectives to align players with needs.

Phase 2


The total mobilization of a multidisciplinary group over a short period of time enables us to understand and analyze the process and thus optimize it in its entirety.

Through this work, the group has taken ownership of the diagnosis and the action plan co-constructed during the kaizen and can then pass it on to its management to begin the deployment phase.

Phase 3

Change management

Change management involves:
– A transformation plan qualifying and quantifying the impact of solutions, defining a roadmap and including performance evaluation indicators;
Communication, involving and informing stakeholders about upcoming developments and their concerns to limit resistance to change;
– The adaptation of the solution and its scope over the course of experimentation prior to generalization (Agile methodology);
– The training to teach the skills needed to implement improvement solutions.